Instagram now lets you view Stories on the web

Instagram is bringing on the capacity for desktop and mobile web users to view stories. With this development coming up, such category of users will be able to view ephemeral posts on computers or devices with increased screen sizes. This updates enhances navigation with arrows. So you don’t necessarily have to do the left right directional tapping before you move your way between stories and posts.

In no time, users would gain the capacity to upload stories through the mobile web. This has its added advantages especially for those persons who strenuously have to make edits to their videos and images before they are shared as stories. This is a game changers also for videographers and photographers.


The update is already rolling out for users all across the world. Although Instagram is presently hesitating to bring the capacity to upload stories or pictures as Instagram would prefer you reaching the platform from your phone. Even if uploading from desktop would bring more glee and flair, this


The update is beginning to roll out today to users globally, and the upload feature is expected to come the next few months. Instagram says it has no plans to let users upload photos or Stories from the desktop, so don’t hold your breath. Even though desktop uploads would be the true game changer, being able to use most of Instagram from the web means we’re pretty close to not requiring the Instagram app on our phone at all, especially if you’re mainly using it to view and share stories.


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