Tecno Camon C8 is Premium and Amazingly Affordable

It can’t be said it is easy getting your hands on a premium smart phone which wouldn’t sag your jeans because of how heavy it is in your pocket. Many a time, elite smart phone brands have failed in their push to bring a balanced reality in customers premium smart phone that wouldn’t leave them wanting in anything with the most delicious UIs, apps, Dual cameras and general audio/ visual entertainment without taking a deep gulp of your purse (money), even leaving a hole in your pockets.

Tecno Mobile is breaking protocols by finding this creative balance between consumer affordability and being a premium smart phone with its soon-to-come lollipop 5.0 wonder!

I went to the Ikeja office of the Tecno Mobile, meeting up with the Music Resource team which had their hands on the job of realizing a project of the resemblance of a music library- for their Boom player app (which is like the Apple’s iTunes). As it turned out, I had an eye-opening conversation, then my eyes raved across the meeting room caught up on a smart phone on the table. My discussion mate took his excused leave to pick a call and then the chance fell on my lap. Should I pass it? No way!

With agility, I scooped up the phone, stretching my attention through its specifications, and then took some hurried pictures placing it back in position in appropriate time as my contact walked in. At least by then I had “spied” enough to scribble somethings down about this smart phone and draw the anticipation of readers towards what Tecno has in the pipeline; soon to launch:


tecno 5.0

tecno new phone

Two things caught my impression at first glance: the camera support features and physical build

Having this smartphone in my hands gave me that momentary inward feeling of a successful man as I was almost sure it has the potential to be an official flagship device.


The rear camera had on it a 13MP Auto Focus as an inscription on one side as well as two flash lights which sat on each other.

Camon C8 camera

Not only that the front camera is accompanied with a flash too! This could blow your mind, making it perfect for those lovely selfies at night.

Camon C8 front camera 1

Camon C8 front camera 2

I don’t really have certainty for the front camera but I could guess it is an 8 or 5 MP.

Camera Shutter button

One particular delight of this device can be said will be this button, which introduces a lot of convenience into taking pictures in on-the-go and selfie mode.

Camon C8 camera shutter 1

Camon C8 camera shutter button

I wouldn’t bet a naira that this device has not been made with the quality capturing of image in mind.


Taking a brief look at the storage and memory of this smart phone (which honestly remained a misery to me) and guess what leapt into my eyes? A 16GB storage and 1GB RAM!

Camon C8 storage and memory

The RAM capacity of this smart phone may look like something you could easily come by, but this shouldn’t push you into the critical error of looking down on it- it is not bad at all. Come to think of it, does the iPhone6 come with a bigger RAM capacity? No, it is same with that of this smartphone!


hd display 1

Camon C8 HD display 2

Boasting a wide screen display, similar to the size of an iPhone 6 Plus, the view is surely going to impress you, with captivatingly clear colours, a definitive HD screen and an amazing soft touch response.


I was so lost in the technological aura of the device that I heard myself ask my contact about the phone as our discussion went on. I was quite dumbfounded when I heard the price will be in region of N20, 000! Amazingly cheap! I asked myself if we could still have such Santa Claus Christmas gifts at this time of the year. This phone could notably rank ‘Best buy’ in the niche of smart phones for this 2015 half year!

This misery smart phone was one indisputable admiration throughout the meeting.

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