Use Facebook Messenger Without a Facebook Account

It is big news that the Facebook Messenger has finally become an app of its own. For this very fact the texting app will become more autonomous than it formerly was. The company had announced in an official statement to its users that those who enjoy the services of the app would no longer be in need of a Facebook account to enjoy it; they would now only need a phone number, a name as well as a photo.


Facebook has recorded strides in efforts so as to make sure that it gets across to millions of people who connect off of Facebook. To bring this dream to a reality, the company has reached a decision to increase the operating width of its apps; making it more diverse with the acquisition of social platforms like WhatsApp and Instagram including new product development. A demonstration of the latter is its latest apps.

Owing to the reason that Facebook has initiated its messenger app, it has the opportunity to reach out to people who are not in its major platform with the added prospects of adding to the numbers of its users.

Moments is noticeably of the latest features of Facebook Messenger. This one feature has increased the convenience for the users to get photos of themselves across to their friends’ photos. The need to collect all the photos you so desire for futuristic purposes is no longer there. With Moments, you could give photos to your friends as well as get theirs. How would they do this? Simple, the app would put your pictures in groups as by the criterion of who is in them depending on who is in them as well as the time they were taken. Going from there, you will simply tap once if you choose to share the photos with persons as you decide. Your friends could also add their photos to the Moment becoming a double-way interaction.

Reading this article, you are clearly informed that the Facebook Messenger has really put decent concentration on giving its users the best form of messaging experience there is as regards catching up with contacts and friends. Residents of Venezuela, Peru, Canada would have jolly reasons to appreciate this move by the parent company to sign up for Messenger without a Facebook account.

Wouldn’t it be more proper to enlighten you on the modus operandi of the app; of course. For the start, the messenger welcomes you and displaying on its screen you see the option NOT ON FACEBOOK? Choose it and then you could sign up for Messenger in the absence of a Facebook account.

Yet there are some exclusive stuffs that those using their full credentials enjoy on the Facebook Messenger. There is larger functioning ease to message a Facebook friend as well as the fact that they could enjoy the Facebook Messenger on a variety of of platform: Ios, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry.

To bring this to an end, it is clear to those concerned and not that Facebook is inot showing competitive lapse in dominating the global network communication system by establishing the independent brand of the Facebook Messenger. There is no longer the need to relate your accounts with your messages.

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