Top 5 social media platforms you must be on as an entrepreneur

In this age of the internet, one good way to promote your business and products is to make use of the opportunities the internet provides. One of such opportunities is an avenue to advertise your business and products on social media platforms. Below are some of the social media platforms an entrepreneur is supposed to be on.


Among all the social media platforms available in Nigeria, LinkedIn happens to be the most official one of them all. The way LinkedIn is designed shows that is tailored for business and employment purposes for the most part. The LinkedIn platform can be operated either through its website or through the LinkedIn mobile app.

LinkedIn is designed for professional networking. It provides an avenue for employers to post vacancies for specific jobs online, and, people who are looking for jobs to do, get to post their résumés. Put chiefly, LinkedIn is a platform where people who are looking for work and those who have jobs to offer can get in touch online. So for employers who have really boosted their business and are looking for more employees, LinkedIn is where you need to go to.


Facebook is a platform that was originally created to build relationships among people and to connect people who are separated by long distances. It happens to be the social media platform where a large number of Nigerians are on, it will not be out of place to assume that more than 60 percent of the total population in Nigeria have Facebook accounts. Although, Facebook was designed for building and keeping relationships among individuals, the past few years have seen Facebook also creating an avenue for businesses to promote their products and ultimately their business as well as connect business to business and customers.

On Facebook, entrepreneurs reveal their presence by creating a page or an ad for their business and products and even provide platforms for individuals to order for products they are interested in buying.


WhatsApp is a platform designed for sending and receiving instant messages. Although it can be argued, nevertheless, WhatsApp happens to be the fastest growing app which people can communicate with in the world. Business create groups for both sales and development. In these groups, these business can make sales of their products. This is quite faster compared to making use of emails.

WhatsApp also provides an opportunity for customers to be a lot less informal than they have to be, which a lot of people have come to appreciate and as such they look for opportunities to purchase products from the WhatsApp app rather than the actual company website. It is also a great platform for offering customer support as many customers will prefer to go on WhatsApp as an alternative than call a helpdesk number.


Pinterest is a great place for people to get ideas and learn a few things. It does not matter what it is you want to learn, you can find it (no matter what it is) on Pinterest and if you just happen to spend a lot longer than 3 minutes on it, there is a huge chance you will have a lot of ideas to work with.

On Pinterest, any entrepreneur can post an image of their products. It is advisable to add a text to the image to give users of Pinterest an idea of what content accompanies the image. You can make use of Pinterest ads or Promoted Pins to advertise products on the platform. Interested clients can hit the Pin It button on content they are interested in to add it to their boards.


Instagram is not only a platform where people post photos and videos of themselves and their families. It is also an area where business can advertise their products and make a lot of sales. Entrepreneurs can post photos of their products or even make a video to describe what the product is about and even show customers how the products work. At present, make-up artist, boutique owners, and weave sellers are the individuals who are exploiting the opportunities presented by Instagram.

Instagram enables any entrepreneur to manage the presence of their business from one dashboard and from that same dashboard, the business owner can monitor comments and hashtags, communicate with customers, measure performance, and post photos. Hashtags are also a great way to direct people to your product.

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