Top 5 major cities in Nigeria

Every country has a few cities that are more developed than the others, this also is the case with Nigeria. Some cities within our great country are places a lot of people look forward to visiting. Below are some of those cities.


Lagos State is literally the best city in Nigeria. The city is all too captivating and interesting, one can even say it enchants people that visit the city. In Lagos, there are a lot of spots that you will be drawn to naturally and what we are talking about are attraction centres such as parks, plazas, hotels and more. People from all works of life gather in Lagos, the city is well known for acts in music, fashion, architecture, cuisine and social life. If you are one who enjoys night outings and activities, then Lagos is just the perfect city for you. You can visit the Lagos Bar Beach, the Ogogoro Island Lekki Beach, Alpha Beach, and Badagry Beach. You could even visit clubs like The Night Shift Colosseum, Lagbaja’s Motherland and Africa Shrine.


Abuja is another one of the best cities in Nigeria. For those who have the intention of visiting the federal capital territory for business purposes or even for vacation, there are lot of activities in the city you can be engaged in. Like Lagos, the city of Abuja has within it a lot of parks and green locations that have been developed to add beauty to the city and give visitors a reason to want to visit again. The city is engaged in fashion, commerce, education, tourism, and entertainment to suit the needs of individuals. There are such centres like the Millennium Park and all other parks just like it designed for children to satisfy their curiosity and give them something to play with. Also available are luxury hotels, restaurants and historic sites.


Calabar is another beautiful city in Nigeria. Located in the south-western part of Nigeria, it is the capital city of Cross-River State. Calabar is sometimes referred to as the Canaan City, it is an attractive city that is rich in culture and natural endowments. In Cross-River State, there is a Christmas festival that holds every year known as the Cross-River State Annual Christmas Festival and this festive occasion features music along with other forms of entertainment, and parades through the city. The local cuisines in this city are impossible to resist, the fun as well as the pleasurable activities are never-ending. Two of the major tourist centres in Nigeria namely: Obudu Cattle Ranch and Tinapa Resort are located within the city of Calabar and there are also really good hotels in the city.


The city of Enugu, located within Enugu State, Nigeria is another one of the best cities there are in Nigeria. Enugu popularly referred to as the “Coal City” happens to be the centre of Nollywood (the Nigerian movie industry) in Nigeria. In the city of Enugu, you’ll come in contact with a lot of festivals, state of the art amusement facilities, shrines, caves that you can visit and enjoy some really good adventure, and clubs where you can have fun at night. A lot of attraction centres are available including the Ngwo Pine Forest, Opi Lake Complex, Eziagu Tourism Complex, Ani Ozalla Lake, Silicon Hill, Iva Valley Coal Mine, Awhum Waterfall, Milken Hill. This is another really great city to expand your social life and get to eat local Igbo delicacies and engage in social relationships.

Port Harcourt

Another amazing city in Nigeria is located within Rivers State. The great city of Port Harcourt also referred to as the “Garden City” takes after its nickname in the sense that the city has a lot of nature surrounding it. There are a lot of attraction centres within the city like museums, monuments and shrines, and zoos containing wildlife. Night activities like clubbing are also extremely fun. You can get grilled spicy meat kebabs (more popularly known in Nigeria as Suya) that are sold on the sides of the road if you want to, they are really tasty. Port Harcourt is also undergoing development so as to suit visitors’ needs in education, tourism, entertainment, and culture. The city has special tourist centres such as the Port Harcourt tourist Beach, the Culture Centre, the Rivers State Museum and the Isaac Boro Garden Park.

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