Best City Drivers! Answer To Your Transportation Problems

The Answer To Your Transportation Problems Is Here: Introducing to you Best City Drivers (BCD)! – With BCD, you can simply rent a driver on an hourly, daily or weekly rate. You can also hire a driver on a monthly basis.


There are certain dates that Nigerians will forever remember due to the fact that these dates brought about very welcome solutions to very pressing issues. In 1994, Multichoice swooped in to satisfy the cravings of Nigerians for genuine and exhilarating entertainment. May 2001 saw the proliferation of GSM in Nigeria stepping in to solve the numerous communication woes experienced in the country. July 2015 is the date Nigerians will long remember as the date that saw the emergence of an answer to the transportation worries that have plagued the country. Introducing to you Best City Drivers!

This is truly one of the rear occasions in life where the word ‘Introducing’ is well warranted. Best City Drivers is a startup which is here to make you forget about taxis, buses or hiking cars. It is a breath of fresh air to the transportation scene as it offers an affordable, convenient and easy to use service. It brings car owners in contact with competent drivers and offers the car owners the chance to rent the driver for a couple of hours or for the entire day. No longer do you have to spend ample hours in traffic being idle behind the wheel. No longer would you also get exploited by the exorbitant prices being hauled around by Taxi drivers all around town. Due to the perfect cocktail of your car and a Best City Driver, chauffeur fees are able to be provided at a cut price. Best City Drivers as such is the answer for individuals looking to get to work, bars, concerts, the market, weddings or wherever without breaking a sweat or breaking the bank.

Best City Drivers also known as BCD was founded by two young female tech enthusiasts, Temi Ajibola and Titi Adeniyi, and has in its armor silent partners seasoned in the startup/tech scene. The idea of Best City Driver was born as a result of Titi and Temi identifying the common problem faced by Nigerians in the big city. Its growth has then been fed by their unwavering appetite to provide a service which will gain critical acclaim and one which will qualify as ‘great value’ to the most demanding of Nigerians. Perhaps adopting the same cautious and experiential business model adopted by Airbnb, Best City Drivers debuted without a website or mobile app (both to be launched shortly). Rather impressively, it can already brag widespread patronage and multiple corporate partnerships.

Co-Founder of Best City Drivers, Titi Adeniyi, stated, We have been on this journey for more than a year and Its not been easy, as security is very critical and we have to ensure the safety of both the driver and our clients as well. Since we began operations the feedback we have gotten has been overwhelming. The mentions we have received in the social media circles have also been super encouraging. We appreciate all the feedback and it’s a must I mention that we have also taken extra steps to cool a couple of concerns aired by customers. In the important aspect of security, all our drivers undergo thorough scrutiny and back up checks before being registered on the platform. We have also partnered with the Nigerian police force to further help in achieving this exhaustive examination. Coming to the area of insurance and breakdown covers we are in partnership with a multinational firm which will be disclosed once the time is right.  At BCD we totally aim to please’

Stand a chance to win free drive hours! Follow @BestCityDrivers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and tell us why you need a Best City Driver with the hashtag #INeedABestCityDriver! Winners will be announced on the aforementioned social channels so be sure to follow and join in on the conversation. To rent a driver and or make further enquiries call  07036911189 or 08171111214 or now!

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