BlackBerry Messenger (BBM™) is Coming on Android™ and iPhone®

I’m an Android avid user, because of so many reasons such as the thousands of applications available to download for free on Google play store and many more.


BBM™ is Coming on Android™ and iPhone®

Recently, I saw some posts on the internet regarding BlackBerry Messenger coming on Android and iOS, so I decided to check BlackBerry official website to confirm if what I’m seeing around is true.  When I got to BlackBerry official website, I clicked on BBM and saw that it was true.

As at the time of this publication, the application has not been released yet, but it has been announced by some mobile phone manufacturers that BBM will be available on Android and iOS before the ending of this month. BBM for Android has hit the beta zone for a small set of users.

Do you want to be the first to know when BBM is available on Android and iPhone? If yes, go to BlackBerry official website here to drop your email. I will also announce it here immediately it is release.

Latest: BBM is now Finally Available on Android and iPhone.

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