How to Easily Convert Partial RSS Feeds to Full RSS Feeds

Most websites and blogs on the internet offer only headlines and short excerpt in their RSS feeds. To read the full content, you will have to visit the actual site.


Like me, most people prefer to read their favourite blogs and websites updates through feed readers without necessarily visiting the websites/blogs.

Below are some reasons why I choose to access my favourite blogs and websites updates via feed readers:

  • RSS readers automatically pull in content from variety of online sources including blogs, articles, forums, web site content and news sources, and “feed” them directly to my desktop or smart phone for easy perusal.
  • It saves time. I don’t need to visit each site individually or scouring the Internet for information on topics that interest me.
  • I can view and scan multiple content streams simultaneously.
  • I can opt-in to content of interest, totally controlling the flow of information that I receive. If the quality of the content in the feed declines, I can simply remove the feed from my RSS reader and I will not receive any additional updates from that source.

It is frustrating when you try to access a blog via feed reader and all you see is a truncated feeds.

Some tools were developed in recent years to turn partial/truncated RSS feeds into full-text feeds. One of the easier to use tools is Full Text RSS Builder.

The tool is completely free to use and does not display intrusive advertisements. You also have the option to enter the direct URL of a website. Works with all readers and supported devices. No registration required. Auto-Bloggers will also find this tool useful.

Visit FullTextRSSFeeds @

The screenshot below will give you a full understanding on how this tool works: sample-of-full-feeds

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