Apple will partially rebate some iPhone users that paid for battery replacements last year

Apple previously made an announcement stating that it was going to return money paid by clients who wanted to replace their batteries for their iPhones (iPhone 6 and later) that were out of warranty between the 1st of January 2017 and the 28th of December 2017. The clients were on this note going to receive a $50 credit under the condition that they swapped the battery at a service location authorized by the company. The refund was not whole however, rather, it was a way to cut down the price of a battery to a discounted cost that Apple is providing for battery swapping at the moment.


The credit according to our sources is going to arrive as a fund transferred electronically or a credit on the credit card that was used to pay for the battery. Although, customers would need to make available a proof that they actually purchased the battery. According to Apple, eligible clients would be sent emails carrying instructions on things to do to get the replacement done.

Apple also stated that this refund it was making could be arriving in a letter to US senators in February.

The reason Apple made a move to begin to replace iPhone batteries was as a result of the company’s huge battery fiasco in the later part of the previous year where Apple admitted that it was slowing down the performance of phones as their batteries lost charge. It stated that the reason it did that was to keep older phones that had older batteries from shutting down completely when they ran out of power, although the company did not inform users about this earlier. This put the company under investigation by the Department of Justice in the United States and led the company to drop the price on battery changes to $29 which is a $50 for a year. This means it will expire by December.

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