Top 5 Best & 5 Worst Pranks for April Fools’ Day

On the first of April every year, people around the world celebrate April Fool’s Day. It is a day of light-hearted jokes and pranks on friends and loved ones. Before you play victim to one of your friends pranks, here are five of the best pranks for you to play and five of the worst pranks so you know what to expect.

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Once a year you get to play a prank and get away with it so make the best of this friendly holiday and try one of our best…or worst pranks.


  1. Water Trapped

water trapped

Put your hand palm-down on a table and balance a full glass of water on the back of your hand. Challenge your friend to try balancing a glass of water on both palms. Help him put one glass of water on the back of one hand and another glass of water on the back of the other hand then walk away. They will be stuck there with no other option but to spill the water to escape.

  1. Onion Candy

onion prank

Get a set of small sized onions and clean the outer skin. Cover the onions in caramel and wait for it to dry. Serve the caramel covered onions in a tray with toothpicks for snacking. Your victim will think they are chocolate delights but be surprised to find out that they’re just onions.

  1. Spray Tap

spray tap

This is an old trick but it works every time. Cover a water tap with cellotape and leave an opening at the front. As someone turns on the tap, they will be sprayed with water.

  1. Channel Change


A good trick one can do at home is to get identical remote controls for the television. As the person is watching their favourite show, hide somewhere close enough to the television but far enough so the person you’re playing the prank on won’t see you. Change the channel when they’re not looking. After doing this several times, the person may start to freak out.

  1. Is That A Typo?


If your friend uses Microsoft Word often, go into the autocorrect settings on your friend’s computer and set it to change common words like “and” or “the” to ridiculous alternatives like “origami” or “Duck Dodgers”. You can even go the extra mile and replace them with foul language.


  1. Chicken Run

chiken run

Release three chickens in your office or school and number them 1, 2 and 4. This will cause a scare and will leave everyone searching for chicken number 3 for hours. It’s bound to leave everywhere messy but is worth is try.

  1. Toothpaste Sandwich

toothpaste sandwich

Get some sandwich cookies and split them open. Replace the creme filling with toothpaste and close it back up. Invite your friends to have a bite or two. You’ll be wasting a perfectly good set of delicious cookies but it should give the desired effect.

  1. Rumour Mill

rumour mill

Start a rumour between your friends. The more people you get involved in this, the greater the prank will be. Share with a few friends a scary secret about one your friends. Hopefully, they’ll pass it along and cause a stir. Be careful with this one though, it can get out of hand and hurt somebody’s feelings

  1. For Sale

for sale

Advertise your friend’s car, house or significant other for cheap on a classifieds website very early in the day. Your friends will start to get calls throughout the day with people asking to pay for their wife or husband. This is hilarious but remember to take down the ad after April Fools’ Day.

  1. Sneeze Shower

sneezer shower

Put a little water in your hand and make a sneezing sound. Pour the water on the person you prank as you “sneeze”, they’ll think they’ve just been showered with booger. It’s very easy to get in trouble for this one so only try it with friends.

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