Apple’s appoints AI chief: oversees Siri, Core ML, and machine learning teams

According to the reports reaching us from our sources, Apple has its different AI divisions into a new structure under the leadership of John Giannandrea, the former head of search and AI at Google. We got this tip a few days ago, and Apple has confirmed it with the update the company made to its leadership page. Giannandrea is now heading the machine learning division, Apple’s Siri team, and the Core ML team. Core ML is the API for machine learning launched by Apple in 2017 in order to support the effective and efficient running of AI tasks and AI-focused apps and services from third-party developers on iOS devices.

The official title of Giannandrea will be chief of machine learning and AI strategy, and it is entirely obvious that the leadership at Apple is hoping the executive will be able to boost its efforts towards artificial intelligence. When it comes to things like natural language processing and computer vision, Apple seems to be lagging behind and both these services are significant in powering voice assistant features within Siri and new, more advanced technology like augmented reality apps (AR) which depend on object recognition.

The company has not been able to either gather suitable machine learning data sets to train new algorithms on or even draw the type of research talent that Facebook, Google, and other Silicon Valley giants have paid for recently and this is because of the commitment Apple has made to user privacy.

This has therefore put the company at a serious disadvantage in new, profitable markets such as the smart home. It has also made very old Apple products like Maps and Photos less competitive to other alternatives from Google and others who have access to more sophisticated AI tech. Apple hopes that having John Giannandrea at the wheel of all of the company’s AI efforts, a more unified vision, shared resources, and closer collaboration will aid in covering for the time that has been lost in time past.

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