How to enable dark mode in Firefox

Soon, Firefox will be giving respect to Windows 10’s dark app mode setting. However, dark mode can be enabled on Firefox on any OS and without the help of third-party themes. This functions on Windows 7 and 10, macOS, and Linux.

To change your Firefox theme,

  • Click menu and then click Add-ons in Mozilla Firefox.

  • Click “Themes” at the left side of the add-ons page.

There you’ll see three themes that have already been installed: Default, Dark, and Light.

The Default theme is a standard light theme designed to respect your Windows theme. This means that if you enable coloured title bars on Windows 10, Firefox will use coloured title bars with the default theme.

The Dark theme is the dark mode on Firefox. In this mode everything on Firefox turns black or a dark shade of gray and that includes toolbars, the title bar, and menus.

The Light theme makes use of lighter grays. Enabling this theme will get Firefox to use a light gray title bar and other elements regardless of your enabled coloured title bars in Windows.

To enable the Dark theme or any theme at all, click “Enable” to the right of the theme.

If you wish, you could install more themes from the Themes section of the Mozilla Add-ons website.

In the case that you enable Firefox Sync, the theme you selected will be synchronized to any other computers you signed into Firefox. To view your Firefox Sync settings, click menu, and then Options, and finally, Firefox Account.



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