Apple, offering a free month of iCloud storage

It has been a common problem for users of iOS that when they are backing up their phones they most of the time get the dreaded message that pops up saying: “You do not have enough space in iCloud to back up your iPhone.”

According to the reports that we got from our sources, Apple has offered a solution. The company is providing a month of free iCloud storage to its customers who no longer have any room in their paltry free 5GB plan. Although, we have reason to believe that in actual sense, the company is trying to get users to pay more money for storage and by so doing boost the company’s services revenue and also improve the earnings it makes quarterly.

It seems a bit as if the company expects users to sign up into the offer, then fail to remember to cancel or enjoy the extra space so much that you will want to continue using it even if you have to pay. The real issue here is that Apple does not produce enough storage to its consumers at the start which is entirely unfair.

It is not privy that the free 5GB of storage offered by Apple on iCloud which happens to be the same amount that it has offered since the introduction of iCloud storage in 2011, is not enough. Furthermore, it is an utterly reprehensible problem seeing as the same 5GB of storage on iCloud is used to cover backups, applications, data and pictures. There’s a huge chance that with the more photos you take, your phone will soon not be able to backup except you pay up.

Google on the other hand, provides storage for photos for free. Therefore, it is only rational that a company which offers $1000 smartphone devices for sale to provide a cloud backup for such things as apps that users have installed or messages they sent. In essence, one would have to make a choice between managing the little amount of storage they have or run the risk of losing all their files when the phone becomes damaged.

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