Twitter discloses new rules for political ads

Twitter announced new guiding principles and rules regarding advertisements concerning politics on the platform in order to calm the worries surrounding Russia’s meddling in the US 2016 election. These new regulations called Political Campaigning Policy are scheduled to begin running by the summer in the United States. It is designed to inform advertisers on the difference between an ad that is political and one that is non-political as well as the means by which it will expose the identity of the advertiser. There’s also an online procedure for political advertisers to apply for certification now.

The revenue product general manager at Twitter, Bruce Falck, and Twitter’s policy and legal chief, Vijaya Gadde, made the following clarifications posted on a blog:

“As part of this new policy, we will require advertisers who want to run political campaigning ads for Federal elections to self-identify and certify that they are located in the US. Candidates and committees will have to provide their FEC ID, and non-FEC registered organizations and individuals will have to submit a notarized form.” Both of them further commented that as soon as the required forms are obtained, the company will send a letter to people in charge to validate the identity and location of the advertiser.

Twitter has made it clear that it does not permit targeted ads at people on the platform anymore and that political ads should include a handle with a profile photo, a header photo, and a website that “consistent with its online presence” in abidance to FEC regulations. The bio must also carry with it a website and valid contact information. Also, the ads must have a visual badge and more disclaimer data to enable Twitter users identify political ads and non-political ads.

This announcement is all part of the Ads Transparency Center be launched in the summer that will “go beyond the requirements of the Honest Ads Act” to bring about more transparency on the platform via breakdowns that are more detailed and targeting demographics.

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