Snapchat plans to launch a developer kit

According to the reports reaching us from our sources, it is expected that some of the best features on Snapchat will soon be arriving to third-party apps. The report says that Snap is planning to provide a platform where developers of third-party apps can be able to access the Snapchat login system as well as its augmented reality cam properties, as an add-on to Bitmoji avatars. For many years, Snapchat has been somewhat of a closed platform since the user base of the app has been guarded from developers who are out to collect data and also sell their products and services to users. Our sources report that the company is now reconsidering their decision and is about to launch a platform it calls Snapkit.

This is a bit of the same tactic that was employed by Facebook when the company exposed itself to developers in 2010 to help in increasing its user base. But, this move is what led to the abuse of public data in the Cambridge Analytica scandal so it is highly likely that user privacy will be made top priority by the leadership of Snap as it plans to launch the Snapkit platform. There is a tendency that the new login system Snap is employing, which allows for third-party apps authentication by users will be found appealing especially to adolescents who are now careful that Facebook will not be used to invade their privacy. Our sources believe that this could aid the spread of Bitmoji particularly as Snap now allows the use of Bitmoji avatars as profile photos.

The most important use of Snapkit could be for the AR camera features of the company. Snapchat made popular the AR face animations that is currently termed as lenses, and the feature makes use or AI to make them look more realistic. Although, these features have been copied by both Facebook and Instagram, the easy rolling style of sharing in Snapchat is still better off among adolescent users who still use the app as against Facebook-owned platforms. This gives Snap a chance to make its AR camera something that developers want to use for quick selfie animations instead of running through developer toolkits offered by other platforms.

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