Apple, ending its photo printing service in September

According to the reports that we have gotten from our sources, it appears that Apple is making plans to put to a stop its Photo Print Products service by the end of September this year. This feature allows users to order albums, photo books, prints and other items featuring pictures stored in Photos (formerly, iPhoto). A new pop-up message appears in Photos when running macOS 10.13.6 that says that final print orders must be placed by the 30th of September, 2018.

The message suggests that all users of the service download a third-party app from the Mac app Store in order to get prints. The reason is because these apps can be incorporated directly into Phots without any problems and they are capable of dealing with everything that Apple used to do. Truth be told, it comes as a surprise that Apple is taking itself away from the business of print making, and the reason why this comes as a shock is that the company appeared to be getting a bit of revenue from the venture. Be that as it may, the company probably thought that there was no more need to worry about it since the job can as well be easily be passed onto other developers.

With no surety of it, the Apple printing service has been around for at the very least ten years, and the same features can now be found in most photo apps. Photo apps like Google Photos, Flickr, and others provide an easy way to create physical photo memorabilia within the app. This therefore tells us that there is no need to fret over the absence of the Photo Print Products service seeing as there are apps out there that offer the same service of turning digital photos into physical objects since Apple is not the least bit interested in doing it anymore.

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