Apple Concedes: Plans to dismiss Apple Music’s Connect tab from iOS 10

Some time ago at the beginning of the week, reports filtered in dragging concern to some changes which we would expect in Apple Music in iOS 10. Some of these changes would supposedly include a fresh design as well as the addition of song lyrics. But then another aspect of the music service that’s reportedly going to experience a major turn around is Connect. In definitive terms, Connect would be expelled from as Apple intends to dispose standalone Connect tab; by means of conveniently adding the feature to Apple Music’s “For you” section.

Apple Concedes: Plans to dismiss  Apple Music's Connect tab from iOS 10

If you remember, When Apple initially made the introduction of its subscription music service, the company has identified Connect boldly as the perfectly distinct unique destination where artists could go about sharing exclusive content — this could be photos, demos / outtakes, video clips, — with fans. It as well gave users the functionality of commenting on artist posts, even initiating the premise for communicating between Apple Music subscribers and selected choice of musicians. On its website, Apple makes description of the Connect as “a main line into the heart of music — great stuff straight from the artists.”


If I remember clearly it has been almost twelve months since Apple launched the Apple Music. Though from a personal opinion, I don’t really see that “great” element from the proudly acclaimed Connect tab. At least, I don’t see much to it past the basic selection of tour photos and say one or two videos . At the end thereof, what I just do is hide it completely, I know a good number of people too have stopped tapping it completely. It is clear by this move, Apple is conceding that Connect has not really metamorphosed into the planned standout feature of Apple Music the company have set out for at first.

My condolences to Apple on this, we all lose anyway once in a while. Though Tim Cook has been on the winning train for so long, it would be sad his winning train has to stop at a terminal to taste some crumbs of failure.

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