[Images] Samsung Galaxy S7 Active leaks

As is tradition with Samsung, they release multiple versions of the same phone, dubbing them various names e.g Active. The latest in the line of the S-Series is the S7 and of course they plan to release an S7 Active. Though the device itself has not been officially released yet, there have been multiple leaks and if Samsung still follows tradition – which I’m sure they do, the SGS 7 Active will rock the same specs as the SGS 7 itself. What I really want to show is the images that leaked recently on Samsung Viet. Images below:


The back view


The front view

If I recall anything about Samsung’s Active series, it’s that they have more hardware buttons which the image above confirms.

Looking at the top picture(the back view), you’ll notice AT&T’s symbol; well, they’ve been like the flag bearers for most if not all Samsung Active devices.

The S7 active as I mentioned most likely rock the same specs with the S7 with waterproof capabilities, it might also be shockproof. Release dates and pricing is unconfirmed as of now; when it is, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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