Apple ads now plagued by iOS 11 bugs

If anything happens and you blink while watching Apple’s new iPhone ad, chances are, you’ll miss an animation bug. It is at the end of a glibly produced commercial where the text from an iMessage escapes the animated bubble wherein it is supposed to remain. Although it is a little problem, the fact that it was seen in a high profile ad reveals the several other bugs in Apple’s iOS 11.

It is quite astonishing that this bug was spotted in an ad. Months ago, one of our sources told us about a report was filed against Apple reporting a bug. It happens to however be a single one of the many oddities in iOS 11. Others that have been noticed include; a strange UI problem in the Music app, regularly misaligned text in the App Store, vanishing docks, and issues associated with rotation.

All of the little problems that have been iterated so far are easy to ignore because they are not types of Apple security bugs which have hit the headlines lately, however, they all produce a discouraging experience. Chris Pirillo has for many years been documenting iOS animation bugs, bringing to light the various bugs that have crept into iOS lately. In an open letter to Apple’s Chief of Software Engineering Craig Federighi, Chris Pirillo stated that, “iOS has been performing in an inexplicably jarring manner since iOS 7. Iterations don’t seem to help much, major or minor. Frame drops are now par for the course – irritations that we once slammed Android for.”

There are auguries that show that Apple is finally about to focus on reliability and performance in iOS 12 over new feature. Although, reports suggest that Apple is delaying some major iOS additions, and is planning to root out bugs from its software. We can only hope that it will bring about a situation where only less bugs are available to crash iPhones and far less strange animation and UI problems that iOS so evidently suffers from. We’ll get more information on that when we hear more about the iOS 12 in June.

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