Android Messages will let you send texts from your computer

According to the report that has reached us from our sources, Google has started releasing desktop browser support for Android Messages, giving users the ability to use their PC to send and view messages that have been received on their Android smartphone. This web version as stated by Google is able to support sending texts, images, and stickers.

In order to make use of the web version, the Android Messages website requires that you scan a QR code with the use of the Android Messages mobile app in a bid to link the both of them together. This is just about the same way Allo is linked to its web client. The only regret is that, that section of the Messages app is not yet running. But, there is hope that in a matter of time it will be made available and users can begin to chat across various platforms.

This happens to be the first important step made by Google in a move towards Chat which on its own end is the application of the Rich Communication Services (RCS) of the company within Android Messages. As Google hopes to be a practicable competitor to such platforms as the iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter and more, it is only smart for the company to consider a desktop version. Allo was supposed to be the first attempt towards that objective, but Google is putting to a stop every effort and investment in the app and is placing its bet that Android Messages which is the default messaging app on a lot of smartphones is the best chance it has at succeeding. A lot of carriers have also agreed to support Chat and integrate the benefits (read receipts, typing indicators, full-resolution images and video, and improved group texts) provided by RCS. The major disadvantage however is that none of it is totally encrypted.

In a blog post, Google revealed all the other latest improvements it has made to Android Messenger and they include a built-in GIF search, support for smart replies on more carriers, inline link previews, and easy copy/paste for 2-factor authentication messages.

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