Higher Degree of Privacy with D-Vasive App on Android

D-Vasive help you get to detect what apps are keeping track of your device’s location, gets you notified when an app turns on your camera, when your Bluetooth or WiFi gets activated, and also when your microphone is activated. Yes, these are some of the features of this application by John McAfee. You never get to be taken unawares.


A list of permissions is requested whenever you want to install an app on your Android device which you have to agree to for the installation to be completed. Though it must be noted that information about system apps and pre-installed applications by device manufacturers are not as they were already on the device when it ships, even if the usual approach is true for apps that users install directly. Google recently grouped permissions together thereby increasing the complexity of identifying which set of grouped permissions is required by an app or does not.

Whenever an app wants to use the phone’s camera or microphone, the camera and microphone permission group then comes into the picture. A camera app for instance might require permission pertaining to camera but not compulsorily microphone permission.

The D-Vasive app is actually available in free version-where you are basically notified when an app starts to use features like microphone, WiFi, and camera; and also the paid version-where you can stop and lock these features from access of these apps. Though you do not get to block the activation using the free version, you would get to at least know a feature has been activated. Also, you would not know specifically what app has activated the feature except you inquire further by clicking on the displayed notification log manually to infer what app must have tried to access the feature.

Also, the displayed apps on the notification get to be categorized by threat level and when you tap on the app, the full list of the apps permission are displayed so you know what to do exactly. You can also stop and uninstall an app that point.

D-Vasive also runs security scan on applications, again all the installed apps are displayed on the screen based on threat level such that clicking an app would display all the required permissions with options as well for possible uninstall or total stoppage.

This application works on the background of your phone or tablet so would consume it part of the battery, though this can be minimized by adjusting the scan intervals.

So, in summary basically D-Vasive Free alerts you when other apps start some key features on your phone and keeps you off the net of unawares.

You can download it on your Android device from Google Play Store using this link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dVasive.

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