Must-Know Myths About SEO for Business Owners

The SEO-rank race has been a major target for many online business people that it blinds them to misconceptions and myths that however tend to be misleading. These ideas have so far began to form a black-hole of mystery around what people seem to know about search engines. Some of these ideas which are however untrue were aimed at educating people on how to best exploit search engines.


It must be said at this point that a thorough assessment and scrutiny must be done before any SEO theory or idea concerning SEO should be implemented. It’s very important.

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One thing that travels faster than light is ‘rumor’. It runs several light years in a short time. You must be careful when handling myths because they have the tendencies of bringing down a business. And the bait is that they sound pleasant and persuasive.

To enhance your sensitivity concerning such myths which are appealing but untrue, you can scroll carefully through the below myths outlined:

More Keywords, More Ranking.

First, it must be noted that if high web rating must be reached, then the density of main words must not exceed 2%. Most persons end up suffering unwanted consequences because they stuck their contents with keywords. They actually abuse the use of keywords and sometimes face the penalties for misuse of keywords; this is largely as a result of the false view that more keywords would elevate their ranking among other websites.

On the other hand, it is advisable to use keywords sparingly and naturally so as to get the genuine acknowledgements of search engines and high ranking.

There is no need of building Links.

Some people go with the idea that link building is a futile effort; this is largely untrue. In fact, not creating connection and building links would only catalyze the end of your online business. Such claims must be far from our business if any necessary success must be registered.

There are several strategies that could be employed to build links and you should choose them with care because it forms the pillar of your business.

However, it must be noted that building links is as important as starting the business itself.

Since links are good, then a million of them.

Compacting a content with links is a thing of high negative effect, though might not seem obvious. One thing that makes the principal focus of every business venture is quality rather than quantity, fun-to-read articles. Creating many links on the web does not guarantee perfect connection.

Most online businesspeople end up confusing their readers with too many links in the sense that they do not even know which to click on anymore, some get distracted and sometimes annoyed by the too many links.

Nevertheless, the manner of approach towards building links is of importance. Recently, it is very possible to get a lot of links in a very short time with the help some trending software. But since we know already that a lot of links do not matter, we should focus explicitly on the quality of links we choose.

Social Media Is Not Paramount.

It has been proven that ‘adverts’ are business catalyst for the growth of a business. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn among others contain a heavy number of people and it would make a lot of sense to fish in a bigger river. You can use baits (captivating links) to catch people to your sites and gain some SEO ranking. It gains more to build links on such platformsbecause there are a lot of interactions over such media.

It is not true when people go about saying there is no need of the social media to promote your online business with regard to SEO; we know the role of the media in promoting online visibility and SEO. In most cases these are people that are not on any social network.

Utilize social media and advertise your website for higher ranking.

Don’t bother about the Experience.

Social sharing, content marketing, guest posting, keyword use, back linking are some of the necessary SEO you need at your fingertips for a successful SEO in your site. As expected I do not think any amateur who could own a website can just become an internet king. He needs to stay under the lectures of experience.

In fact, without the necessary experience one could just end up crashing up his site and incur much loss.

Conclusively, I must be honest with you by telling you that some of these myths might carry some elements of truth but that does not imply you should accept any unverified claim. You must handle your business with claims that have solid basis and facts-that’s how to be professional.

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