Google Launches Mobile-Friendly Site Testing Tool

Google’s new mobile-friendly testing tool tells you if your site passes or fails the mobile test.


Google unveils the launch of a mobile-friendly test tool to help your website passes Google’s criteria for what it consider to be a mobile optimized site and it basically grade you with either a pass or fail grade. It either tells you that you are mobile friendly or you are not mobile friendly. The messages I was able to generate include:

  • Awesome! This page is mobile-friendly.

Here is our site which seems to have passed Google’s new mobile-friendly test with no additional feedback from the tool, outside that it is mobile friendly:



Clearly, sites that do not pass, the tool will point out the exact errors why your site didn’t pass and give you some steps to follow to correct the issue(s).

The Google mobile-friendly testing tool is currently only available in English, but will be rolled out worldwide over the next few weeks.

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