Adobe Releases its First Video Editor for Android

Adobe has started placing more emphasis on Android, and that has come to a bigger play with the launch of Premiere Clip, it could be well said that this is to be the first video editor it is introducing to Google’s platform.

Premiere Clip on Android shares very close resemblance to Premiere Clip on iOS, which had its launch around this time last year: precisely saying it’s an easy-to-use but with amazing capacity which gives you the enablement to assemble clips, adjust their look, and put music over them.

Pertaining to those category of persons who don’t want to do much editing themselves, the app has the ability to automatically assemble videos, matching your clips up to one of its built-in background tracks.


In resemblance to that on iOS, some of Clip’s most captivating features stem from its integration with other Adobe apps. It could surprise you with the visual looks you have created using Adobe Capture, this way it is easier applying custom color grading to clips. You could also sync works you have done in Clip back to Premiere on the desktop, giving you the opportunity to you pick up with more advanced tools just what where you left off on mobile.

I didn’t really notice any principal feature updates in this release of Clip (it received a major update last month on iOS), its arrival on Android is a very commendable move for Adobe. Adobe has making dedicated attempts to realize mobile tools that are as critical for creation as its desktop apps, and this is the first time it’s addressing video editing on Android.

And just like majority of Adobe’s other mobile apps, Clip comes at no cost, it is free to use — surely I won’t forget to add here that you will require a subscription to make use Premiere on the desktop — which could assist to hook people on Adobe’s services. Adobe still boats a lot of other apps on iOS, which could look to be more of a testing ground, but in face of this, Android users wouldn’t be necessarily excluded out from using the mobile version of one of its biggest apps.

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