Has MTN Blocked your Line? Unblock Now with your BVN

MTN has disconnected/blocked the line of some subscribers which they think have not done a complete registration.

mtn and BVN

A blocked line will be unable to make and receive calls, messages and even access the internet with their Sim card.

Initially, the only solution to unblocking/reactivating any line blocked by MTN is to visit their office.

Recently, I checked some of their offices in my area; the queue was so long to the extent of causing traffic congestion.

Recently, MTN unveil another means of reactivating without any ado, through the use of BVN. This can be done from the comfort of your room under 5 minutes. You only need to grant MTN the permission to use your BVN registration details to complete your line registration.

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How to Reactivate Your Blocked MTN SIM with your BVN Details.

MTN won’t just use your BVN to complete your SIM registration without your consent. You have to give them a go ahead by sending a command via SMS. Send “Yes” to 799 to grant MTN the permission to use your BVN to complete your SIM registration.

I think this will only work for the line you used for your BVN Registration.

If you don’t have a BVN, you will still have to visit MTN office to complete your registration and activate your line back.

I think this concept will reduce the long queue at MTN offices Nationwide. Or what do you think?

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