Add jQuery Pop-Up Facebook Like Box to Blogger

One of the best ways to increase your Facebook fan page is to add the Jquery Pop-up Facebook Like Box to your Blog. Once this widget is installed on your blog, your visitors will be shown a pop up box with the option to like your Facebook page whenever they visit your blog. This widget can also be customized to only appear on the first visit of your blog visitors so that it won’t be reappearing on every visit to your blog.

Pop-Up Facebook Like Box for Blogger


How to Add Pop-Up Facebook Like Box Widget to Blogger

==> Copy and paste your Facebook Page URL into the widget generator below
==> Select Yes in the “One Time Open Pop-Up” option if you only want it to appear to visitors on their first visit to your blog or No if you want it to appear often
==> Click on Generate button and then Add to Blogger button to add the Facebook Like Box Widget to your blog.

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