17 Best Smooth jQuery Scroll to Top Button for Blogger

Adding a Jquery scroll to the top button to your blog will make your blog readers jump to the top of your blog with a smooth automatic scrolling. Here are 17 smooth jquery buttons to add to your blog to make it look impressive and make your readers go to the top of your blog page by clicking on a button.

A widget generator has been created so that you will be able to install it on your blog with a click. All you got to do is to follow the instructions below. You can see a demo at the right-bottom of this blog.

Instructions on How to Install Jquery Scrolling to Top Buttons on Blogger

1. Select the type of button you want to use.
2. Select the button size
3. Select the position where you want the button to appear on you blog.
4. Click on the box at the front of Include Jquery Plugin. (Ignore this step if you already have a jquery plugin on your blog)
5. Finally, click on the Generate Button to generate the code and then click on to the Add to Blogger button to add it to your blogger blog.

Don’t hesitate to share your success story through the comment box below.

Happy Blogging!

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