SD cards may soon be able to hold 128TB storage capacity

According to the reports reaching us from our sources, the SD Association has made an announcement that a new card specification which is capable of increasing maximum storage on SD cards to 128 terabytes and should provide a much quicker transfer speed for data up to 985 megabytes in a second.

As of now, the highest level of maximum storage capacity on any SD card is 2TB, which is a little bit late considering the fact that this particular limit was promised since the year 2009 and yet it has not totally been arrived at. In the year 2016, SanDisk brought out a prototype 1 terabyte SD card and as at that time, it was the biggest memory card available in terms of storage capacity, however, this SD card is still not yet available for purchase. As at 2016, SanDisk said that the improvement was totally essential in order to go with the huge data occupying formats that are constantly on the rise like 4K video and VR. Be that as it may, creating SD cards with large storage capacities is a bit overwhelming in terms of cost. Take for instance, the SanDisk 512GB SD card was sold formerly at a price of $800, and even though the price has dropped in recent times, it still costs $300.

The new more rapid speedy-transferring data memory cards referred to as SD Express will be made available to all types of cards, but the one with large storage capacity is a novel card and is called SD Ultra Capacity (SDUC) card. If we are to put into consideration the amount of time that is being taken to create the 2TB cards, we have no way of saying for sure the amount of time it will take to manufacture the higher SDUC cards, be that as it may, with the increase in storage capacity that it promises and the move towards videos with higher resolution, more and more companies are likely to show interest and invest.

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