Twitter’s spam removal increases to 214 percent compared to 2017

A few days ago, Twitter posted on a blog the explanation of how it is dealing with malicious spam and bots at present. In the month of May, according to the company, the Twitter system discovered and put more than 9.9 million accounts under questioning because of spams or based on the assumptions that they were automatically enabled.

Twitter also added that it is currently observing its APIs in a more critical manner. During the first quarter of the year, the company suspended over one hundred and forty-two thousand apps (142,000) that were found to have gone against the rules and made spam tweets of more than 130 million, and Twitter continued to do so in the months that followed and as such about 49,000 apps were removed in each month.

In comparison to the previous year, the amount of accounts that has been removed by Twitter has increased to a percentage of 214 for the violation of spam policies. It also noted that the average amount of spam reports that it has received has reduced from 25,000 a day in the month of March to 17,000 a day in May which by translation shows that Twitter is effectively battling spam. If not, it may mean that people are getting weary of reporting spam.

Last week, Twitter was put under inspection for the way it arbitrarily handled the enforcement of its rules and regulations, after the company had suspended a lot of accounts for retweeting a Splinter story that published the phone number of White House adviser, Stephen Miller. Splinter on its own part wrote a story as a way to respond to Twitter. It said that in fact, Twitter had not touched all the other accounts that had posted hateful tweets. Even though the latest announcement from Twitter does not in any way address the accounts that made the publication of the personal information of Stephen Miller directly, the time at which it came however indicates that certain actions are being made to some extent to tidy up the social media platform.

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