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Since the advent of BBM on Android, I have been receiving tons of mails from some of this blog readers regarding the kind of ISP they can use with their Android devices.


Update: Airtel Introduces Data Bundles for Android Devices. You can now enjoy browsing on Android the way you like it.

The simple truth is that Android works with any data plans. It is not like Blackberry that you have to subscribe to some kinds of data plans. On BlackBerry, you only enjoy what you paid for. But Android, all kind of data plans works.

However, some internet providers BlackBerry subscription plans don’t work on Android.

 I have seen cases where people subscribe for the normal data plans that cost N1,000 for 100-200mb to browse on their Android devices.

I won’t advice anybody to pay as much as N1,000 for a mere 100-200mb worth of data when they can actually get 1gb or more for that same value of money.

When it comes to browsing, Airtel is my favourite. The reason why I choose Airtel over other networks was because they have cheap BlackBerry plans and they work fine on any Android devices without any configuration or technical work involved.

With N1,200 on Airtel, you will get 1gb worth of data. With N1,500, you can get up to 2gb of data. With N100, you can get up to 80mb of data. The list goes on like that.

Before you proceed, check:

Check any of the links above for the full subscription codes.

You won’t regret using Airtel on you Android device. You will have enough data to update your apps, download more apps and files.

Do you know any other network subscription plans that work on Android devices better than Airtel? If yes, don’t hesitate to drop it in the comments section below. Let us help ourselves.

I love sharing my knowledge with others. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Please subscribe to the newsfeed and get updates through email, share this article with friends, or leave a comment below. New users can read about me HERE

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154 Responses to “Best Data Plan to Use on Android”

  1. presh says:

    Olusegun….among the 1500 plan and the 2000 2gb plan which one lasts longer?

    1. @presh, the Android 2g plan (N2,000) last longer than the BIS N1,500 plan.


    BBM *440*16# for N1500 for both BBM and PC does not work again. They usually wipe out the data in few days once you are using PC. It has happened to me about 4 times.

  3. school says:

    I really want to know if there is diff in the way Airtel remove there tariff for the android plan

    1. @school, yes. Airtel data tariff differs from others

  4. school says:

    Pls how is the new Airtel plan for android.hope Airtel does not remove the megabits like the old one.pls I really need answer asap.

    1. @ school, get details about airtel android plan from here.

  5. Pinaolaji says:

    Hello, please bro I want to know if the airtel 2gb bb plan is still working on android and the steps to follow to get it activated. Thanks for prompt response….

    1. @Pinaolaji, it still works. You can activate it with *440*16#

  6. Onyinye says:

    I subscribe the #2.000,monthly plan for 2gb on my android phone,I’ve not enjoyed it. Each time I want to browse it’s always show web page not available ,I’ve tried using the the phone WIFI for my IPad,yet I uld not browse,pls what do i do as the data bundle will soon expire.

    1. @Onyinye, network may be bad. Just try again. Check for the data balance checking code.

  7. johnson says:

    my airtel is very slow in browsing, but am using bundle plan is dat the reason?

    1. @ johnson, network may be bad.

  8. teee says:

    i did the complete plan *440*16# on my android but it only lasted 3 days and i didn’t download any thing other than going to Google store…so i also think it doesn’t work for google store

    1. @teee, the apps on your phone might be on auto update. You can also try Airtel Android plan.

  9. mustapha says:

    pls do 2gb android plan work on laptop?


    1. @ mustapha, yes. You can use it on laptop

  10. Chidimma says:

    Does airtel blackberry plan still works on Smartphones like samsung galaxy. I want to knw if I can use airtel BB subscription on my galaxy tab

    1. @Chidimma, yes, Airtel BB plans still work on non-bb devices.

  11. emmanuel says:

    Plz is the 400 naira bb plan working on android

    1. @emmanuel, yes. It still works.

  12. Lawrence says:

    l like the way answer questions

  13. Princess Chioma says:

    Segun, thank you for your help. Please, with the new Airtel plan for Android phones (2GB for 2000 naira), will the old subscription code still work (*440*16# for 2GB)? Thank you.

    1. @Princess Chioma, *440*16# still works on Android.

  14. Omar says:

    Gud day bro. i want to subscribe fo dis airtel bb plan of 80mb @ #100. bt i want to b sure if its stil working on android cos am using Tecno S3.

    1. @ Omar, it works on android and other non blackberry devices.

  15. quadri says:

    the bbm plan do work on my techno tablet for whatsapp,opera mini and odas but doesn’t work with Google play store

    1. @quadri, it works with all Android app. Check your settings.

  16. mjay says:

    I use airtel daily sub but it doesn’t last long don’t no why?

    1. @mjay, may be you download at high pace.

  17. Funmi says:

    I don’t knw how to change APN on my samsung galaxy core.The airtel BB subscription I did was too slow ,it doesn’t even work sometimes.

    1. olusegun says:

      @Funmi, go to your network settings. You will see the option to set APN.

  18. abayomi says:

    Today, 23rd July, Airtel is rolling out a legit Android bundle – a #2000 for 2GB plan. Dial *141*200#.
    This is some step in the right direction for android users.

    1. olusegun says:

      @abayomi, thanks for the awareness

  19. kelvin says:

    Pls I have tecno android and want to know if these following will work without manually configuring my phone (*440*16#)?

    1. olusegun says:

      @kelvin, it should work. However if it doesn’t work, just change your APN to

  20. opszy says:

    airtel bb plan is not working for browser on my techno p5 fone but works for all social network like watsap and others. pls help me out. and i want the latest plan, amount and code

    1. olusegun says:

      @ opszy, check your settings and make sure you are using as your apn.

  21. David says:

    I received a message that Airtel subscription closing between 7days now, is it true? I mean the 2 month subscription, that is 1500 and is A 4gig 4 2month is getting timing up, Tell me something, O K.

    1. olusegun says:

      @David, you can read the info available here.

  22. Princess Eke says:

    Hello Segun,thank you for the information you give out on your blog. Please, I want to know the Airtel subscription code for Android. I just replace my Samsung Galaxy Note II and I have forgotten the codes I used then for subscribing for 2gb (even though I learned it has been reduced to 1.5gb). On another note, it seems the original question thread I created has generated tons of comments. Lol

    1. olusegun says:

      @Princess Eke, to subscribe for Airtel 1.5gb plan, simply dial *440*16#

      1. nolly says:


        1. @nolly, follow the procedures available here.

  23. Martins says:

    hello just got an androids tecno fone and samsung and need to no the subscription plan because bb subscription is not working for it

    1. olusegun says:

      @Martins, Airtel BB plans will work.

  24. Edu says:

    I did try getting the normal Airtel 2GB data plan but it seems like it has been shut down. Pls what is happening?

    1. olusegun says:

      @Edu, it’s still working, just that it has been reduced to 1.5gb.

  25. Darma says:

    plx Airtel consume my data shap-shap… Is there any solution or suggestion?

    1. olusegun says:

      @Darma, no solution yet. Minimize your download and upload.

  26. lynda says:

    pls i need ur help… I jst subscribed on my android fone and my bbm n watsapp aint functioning wit d 1500 airtel plan… Wat shld i do?

    1. olusegun says:

      @Iynda, are your browsers working?

  27. victor says:

    Is it possible to subscribe again before the expiration day after exhausting the 1500 unlimited bn plan dat works on androids?

    1. olusegun says:

      @Victor, yes it’s possible.

  28. Yinkaa says:

    Hi, I’ve had some issues using the airtel blackberry subscription on my Samsung. The first time I tried the weekly plan but it was very slow and didn’t work most times and it deducted credit. I tried it after sometime again but after subscribing through *440*17# I loaded 100 and subscribed to the 10mb daily plan when I got confirmation text I stopped auto renewal. Now I want to go for the 1500/1.5gig plan do I just subscribe then do the daily plan or no need for that again? Thanks.

    1. olusegun says:

      @Yinkaa, no need for the 10mb plan again.

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