Make Money Online With These Free Information Marketing Kits

One of the common and popular keywords on the internet is ‘How to Make Money Online’.


In one of my recent posts, I introduced these blog readers to Information Marketing business, but one thing is that some people already know how it works but they don’t know how they can actually make money out of it.

All information marketing entails in the internet world is the selling of packaged information in form of manual. The manual could be e-book, mp3 and etc.

With information marketing business, you don’t necessarily need to produce a manual; you can start with ones that have resell-rights.

I uploaded some kits you can use to start a successful information marking business online and I’ve decided to give them out for free to all interested persons.

The kits are:

  • Free website builder software + Manual on how to use it. Anybody with little or no knowledge of computer can use it.
  • E-book writer pro + Manual on how to use it
  • Professional E-cover creator software + Video on how to use it + Manual on how to use it

These three kits will help any serious minded fellow to kick-start an information marketing business without any problem.

  • Download the WYSIWYG website builder software + manual from here
  • Download the Ebook writer pro + Manual here
  • Download the professional e-cover creator software + video manual from here

You can get the download links to these kits from the Information Marketing Kits download page.

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