Simple Tips to Take ScreenShot on BlackBerry 10 (Z10 & Q10)

Are you a user of BlackBerry 10 (i.e Z10/Q10) and wish to take a screenshot on your device? If yes, it is possible and easy.


There are numerous reasons for taking screenshot on a device. At times, you might want to capture a thread of messages, documents and etc.

BlackBerry 10 has an in-built capability to take screenshot without using any application.

To take a screenshot on your BlackBerry z10/q10 device, you simply need to press and hold both the volume up and volume down keys at the same time for a few seconds. You’ll then hear a camera shutter sound effect, alerting you to a successful screenshot.

To locate the captured screen, open File Manager. The screenshots are stored in the Camera folder on your device (not on the SD card if you are using one).

Happy shooting! 

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