How to make all Links in Blog to Open in Another Tab

Many blogger tricks and hacks have been shared on this blog recently. So today, I want to share a trick with you on how you can make all the links on your blog to show in a new tab. This trick can help increase blog page view and decrease your bounce rate.


This trick is simple and easy to install on blogger blogs to make the entire link on your blog to open in another tab as default. Follow the process below to install it on your blog by adding a code to your template.

==> Sign in to your blogger blog >> Template

==> Search for <head> in your template by using CTRL+F and then after it add <base target='_blank' />

==>Finally save your template.

By now all the link on your blog will automatically open in another tab whenever it is clicked on.

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  1. Althea Reader says:

    This was soooooo helpful. Thanks to you, within a couple minutes of seeking an answer to my problem I found it and now everything is working just fine.

    This post is well appreciated.

  2. @J.Rose Allister, glad you love it.

  3. J.Rose Allister says:

    THANKS a million for this simple trick. I tried several other things to get blogger image gadget links to open in a new window and nothing worked. You’re a lifesaver!

  4. You are welcome Sean Rasmussen

  5. Sean Rasmussen says:

    Simple tricks that can ensure an efficient use of time when blogging. Thanks for these handy tips!

  6. @Ahmad Junaid Ali, a post has been shared about that you can get the 17 Best Smooth Jquery Scroll to Top Button for Blogger Here You can also get blogging tips and hacks to tweak your blogger blog from HERE

  7. Ahmad Junaid Ali says:

    hey post about the bottom scrolling that you add in your blog at the end please

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