How to Add Cool Chat Box Widget to Blogger

Adding a chat box in your blogger blog is a good way to make your blog visitors communicate with themselves and you about your blog. Since the main purpose you created your blog was to share what you know with your readers, a chat box is necessary for your blog readers to be able to interact with you and fellow readers on any subject thy wish to know.


There are many chat box widget providers on the internet, but one of the tested and best among them is Cbox. One of the reasons why I recommend Cbox for bloggers that wish to add this chat box widget to their blog is because your blog readers don’t need to register before they can start chatting; all they have to do is to give a desired Nickname and an Email Id.

Steps to Add Chat Box on Blogger Blog

1. Go to on your browser and click on “Get your own free Cbox now!”


2. Now fill up the form and click on “Create my Cbox!”


3. After creating your Cbox account, login to your account with your username and password, then you will see a code, just click on “Copy to clipboard”


4. Now log in to your blog dashboard >> Layout >> Add a Gadget >> HTML/JavaScript, then paste the code into the box and then save Arrangement. Note that you can change the width and height of the chat box to fit your blog. Now go to your blog to see your chat box. You can write something in the chat box you’re seeing below.


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