All You Need to Know About Blogger [Infographic]

Blogger is a free, simple and most used blogging platform. It is easy to use for newbie’s planning to start a blog and professional also use it since it is easy to customize with a little knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. is hosted by blogger and below is an infographic that contains all the information you need to know about blogger.

All You Need to know About Blogger

Now that you now have information on how blogger benefits, you can share your thought with others via the comment box.

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  1. I appreciate your blog so much, I've already read a lot of things here and I must say this is truly helpful!

  2. Sean Rasmussen says:

    One of the best reference I’ve seen so far when it comes to infographics explaining how blogging works. I suggest to have a copy of this piece of art on most blogging sites. Good job!

  3. Bethany Morrison says:

    I started blogging several years ago and at first it was just for fun. I do it mostly for myself because I simply love to write about random stuff, anything under the sun. I never thought that I could use it professionally as an online marketing. I now run a small business seo and I must say it’s doing very well.

  4. @ Abu Baker, you can contact me via admin(at)justnaira (dot)com

  5. Abu Baker says:

    Hi Mr Olusegun Faphunda, you just wrote awesome and likely i wants to meet you . But problem is this i am in Pakistan… Any solution

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