Free Instant HTML Parsing Tool

This is an HTML parse tool that can be used to display HTML in blog post(s). I deliberately created this instant HTML Parser for bloggers that had trouble with parsing Google Adsense code that they want to add to their Blogger Templates body.


Just copy and paste the HTML code you want to parse into the “Enter Code” box and you will instantly see the parsed code in the “Parsed Code” box.

I love sharing my knowledge with others. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Please subscribe to the newsfeed and get updates through email, share this article with friends, or leave a comment below. New users can read about me HERE

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  1. @ekeocha emeka, check for steps to add Facebook comment box to your blog.

  2. ekeocha emeka says:

    olusegun,you are too much,one to be like you one day even better,please i want to add a facebook comment on my blogger but i tried all the method i know but is not working can you give a tool on that please.

  3. @Oluwapelumi Babalola, you can bookmark this link and always come here to use the tool.

  4. Thanks, but how can i get this tool myself?

  5. @East Africa Herald, you are welcome.
    @Onigbinde Yinka, you must have received an email from Google stating the reason(s) why your account was not approved. Try to work on it.

  6. Onigbinde Yinka says:

    segun, please i have been following your posts, am having trouble activating my ad-sense, have tried alomost al the means you gave, am i doing something wrong? help me out here

  7. Thanks Olusegun for this tool.

    keep the good work on.

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