1. Dammybas Blog says:

    Wow… nice share. Tnx man.

  2. Thanks for the Tips bro…helpful

  3. @Tammy Miu, a post prior to your request would be released later, but you can still manage this pending the time.

  4. Tammy Miu says:

    Hi I really like the pin it icon to be seen instead of clicking share. Can I replace it with g+? how do I do it.. or could you create a generator for this for fans who wants Pinterest ?

  5. Nice one bro.. thanks

  6. @Nigeria university news, use position top and position left on the generator to position it to the side you want it to show.

  7. I love this widgets, pls how do i position it on my site?

  8. Absolutely wonderful post i really appreciate it and i wanna read and increase my knowledge more.

  9. @Robert Morschel, you can tweak it to move to the right by decreasing the value of "Position Left" in the generator.

    @Solar Powered Lights, you are welcome

  10. Solar Powered Lights says:

    I am so happy to read this. This is the kind of manual that needs to be given and not the random misinformation that's at the other blogs. Thanks for sharing this.

  11. Robert Morschel says:

    I love this widget!! Is there any way to position it relative to the right of the window, rather than left?

  12. Glad you all love it.

  13. Valeriu Costea says:

    Great ans simple. The best i could integrate with my blogger. the others were giving me erors!!!! Thanks

  14. Thanks for sharing nice post……..

  15. Thanks Olusegun Fapohunda, You’ve covered a lot of widget that when i enter the word widget into google search is one of the sites i get. Thanks for this one, thanks bro.

  16. Ahmad Junaid Ali says:

    thanks,,, very nice blog,,, please post some backgrounds for blogger

  17. Hey ,

    Thanz for this Widget 😀 ,Will this Widget work in WordPress to ?

  18. @SweetPepperRose, increase the number of the position to the left on the generator to make it shift to the right side.

  19. SweetPepperRose says:

    Wonderful Widget! However, I would like it over on my Right Side Bar – is there another code for that, or can I manually go in and change ‘left’ to ‘right’ somewhere in the code?
    Thanks so much!

  20. @Erins 2 Cents, click on +Share button to Pin any image on your blog.

    @Constantin, search all your HTML/JavaScript widget and any one of it that has “Floating Vertical Bar With Share Buttons widget” in it can be change or remove.

  21. How do I remove it or change it? I can’t find the code… Please help. Thanks!

  22. Thanks for posting this! How do I add the pin it button? ~Erin

  23. @chris brown, you’re welcome

  24. chris brown says:

    brilliant! thank you so much….you sir…are to be commended 🙂 keep up the great work

  25. @Richard, you have to check you gadget carefully and remove it. The code start with a “Floating Vertical Bar With Share Buttons widget”.

  26. I accidentally added this twice to my blog, Now, when I go to the layout page to delete it, the gadget is not there. Is there some other way to delete this?

  27. @Nahid Abdullah, you can customize the side bar by changing the "Position Top" and "Position Left" on the generator to your taste.

  28. Nahid Abdullah says:

    how do i move it into the middle of the screen to stop it covering my menu

  29. @A.J Thomas, Go to your blog dashboard ==> Layout, from layout search through your HTML/JavaScript gadget and locate any code that has the “addthis” in it and remove.

  30. A.J Thomas says:

    please tell me how to remove it

  31. BUYMAZON says:

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