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Unilever IdeaTrophy 2012 is a creative & challenging experience to give University students the opportunity to express their unique business ideas, be developed by professional business mentors and get a taste of after-school life.


What is IdeaTrophy?

Unilever IdeaTrophy is a challenging and creative experience, where you will figure out how business works in real life while developing your skills and competencies.

Every year, a leading Unilever brand or function is selected as the sole focus of IdeaTrophy. The challenge started in two thousand eleven (2011) with Axe Deodorant. And now it’s time to play the biggest game in history with Lifebuoy!

IdeaTrophy is not a simulation but hundred percent (100%) RCF (Real/Cool/Fun) business experience. So we advise you to challenge yourself before you start your own career!

It’s definitely not a game! It’s too real to be a game!

How does the competition work?

• To participate in the competition, University undergraduates need to form a team of three people*.
• Each team will be required to submit a proposal based on the business challenge proposed by Unilever Nigeria. Visit www.ideatrophynigeria.com to download the challenge brief.
• Submitted ideas will then be assessed by a panel
• From the assessment of ideas, six teams will be selected to compete at Zonal Championships that will hold in Lagos, Calabar and Abuja
• For each Zonal Championship, six different teams will compete
• From each Zonal Championship, two teams will emerge and move on to compete at the National Championship
• From the six teams that will compete at the National Championship, only 1 will emerge the overall winner

*All members within the team must:
• Be University undergraduates
• Attend the same University
• Have a minimum of Second Class Lower
• Not be older than 24 years as at December 31st 2011

Competition Prizes

Winning Team at National Championship
• All expense trip to Unilever Global Office (London) or Singapore
• Brand new ipads and certificates for each team member
1st Runner Up at National Championship
• Brand new laptops and certificates for each team member
2nd Runner Up at National Championship
• Brand new Blackberries and certificates for all each team member

Ideatrophy Calendar

• Deadline for submission of ideas: Thursday, 30 June 2011
• Zonal Championships: North (Abuja) – 11th July 2011; South (Calabar) – 15th July 2011; West (Lagos) – 21st July 2011
• Bootcamp (Lagos) – 8th to 10th of August 2011
• National Competition – 11th August 2011

How to become a winner

• Excitement & Passion
• Creative ideas built on strategy
• Fit with the project brief
• Applicability with business life
• Linkage to target group insight
• Effectiveness & Clarity in language

For more information visit: www.ideatrophynigeria.com

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