How To Buy, Shop and Import From China in Nigeria, Ghana and Other Africa Countries

If you are interested in buying and importing goods from China in Nigeria, Ghana and other African countries, this post is for you. You can start importation of goods from China without leaving your room in Nigeria, Ghana and other African countries and without sending money via any third party.

One great advantage of buying from China is that they offer direct shipping to African Countries. You don’t have to pass through any hassle if you’re buying from China because it is easy and simple.

Buying goods from China help reduce shipping cost unlike shipping from USA or UK. The website that offers to sell Chinese products and allows you to ship them to Nigeria, Ghana and other African countries is This website is owned by where buyers and sellers meet to trade.

buy-goods-online-from-china is a good website for Nigerians, Ghanaians and other Africans shoppers that wish to buy products and items from China.

Before you proceed, check:

For shopper that wish to buy from, the process involve are not tedious. Below are the steps involved:
1. You need to first search for what you intend to buy
2. Then click on checkout
3. Make payment for goods via escrow or credit card (if you are a Nigerian, you can use AfriCard issued by UBA Bank or Visa prepaid card issued by Zentith bank, as both cards does not require you to own an account with both banks.).
4. You receive your shipment
5. Confirm the receipt of goods

As a shopper on, you need to have access to the internet, a credit card and buyer account.

I recommend because they have greater advantage than Amazon in terms of:

Wholesale Discounts: if you are buying at a bulk rate from, you will be granted discounts on good purchase from them. Bulk purchasing is a good option for Nigerians, Ghanaians and other Africans wishing to start importation of goods from China.

Shipping Cost: there ship cost is relatively low when compared to that of

Affordable: products from are affordable; you can get mini laptops from their website for a little price of $100 or less.

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  1. Pls, how long those an order take to come to Nigeria after payment?


    what are the requirements to get goods bought from aliexpress, at the Nigerian post office.?

  3. Hi Olusegun. Please I would like to get sometin clear with regards to the payment. For instance, I have a fidelity debit card which is (Visa Card) can it be used to make payment for goods purchased. I would like to know cos I wanna make some purchases from Aliexpress. and if I cant use my debit card, what other option do I have. Pls reply… Thanks

  4. Segun Ayan says:

    Pls if my goods is sent via china post air mail from aliexpress,will it get down to nigeria?

  5. brainmissy says:

    Thank you fro your reply. I noticed on aliexpress that one cannot collectively buy stuff from different sellers/vendors without paying shipping costs over each item. Pls, is there anyway to bypass this?(so that one can collectively pay the usual amount for shipping on all items no matter the vendor). Thanks.

  6. brainmissy says:

    Thanks form the info. Pls, does one have to I use a US address in Aliexpress to like you do in Amazon, becos aliexpress appear to have free shipping to US for some of their products. Tanx

  7. pls how to pay on aliexpress

  8. Titus Ibrahim says:

    pls can you give me a good USA website that one can do online shopping with them like that of China.

  9. How will I know the most selling goods in Nigerian so I can order for it and how to make the seller ship the goods for free. Thanks

  10. Thanks for the for the exposure of online business.
    The question I want to ask is that will this courrier companies like DHL and ups etc not give people problem when good arrive?

  11. that’s i will open a domiciliary account.

  12. pls sir i’ve got d africard. My supplier have send his account number wit his name on it. I want to know how to send it to the bank account sent via my africard. Pls sir explain on how to send fund to me.reply me asap.. Tnx

  13. olawunmi says:

    Thank you mr segun,may God be with you.. Amen.

  14. olawunmi says:

    thanks man you are d genius… May God bless you. Pls what is wire tranfers and paypal is it use in nigeria.

  15. olawunmi says:

    which one is better or What are d required things they will ask 4 @ the bank to open africard or visa prepaid card. Moreso which is more advisable to use btw zenith card or africard.

  16. tnks…Big bro, ama go activate my card nd get back 2 u…

  17. Theophilus says:

    Pls can you educate us on how to avoid been scammed bcos there are many scammers on this website.

  18. No, i tink….but if i activate for online payment i should be able 2 use it 4 payment, rite?

  19. I dont understand how to order for goods..

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