YouTube will add information from Wikipedia to videos about conspiracies

YouTube’s CEO, Susan Wojcicki stated that, YouTube is soon to add information from Wikipedia to videos that concern popular conspiracy theories so as to produce other viewpoints on contentious subjects. She also added these text boxes, or “information cues” as the company calls it will start to appear on conspiracy-related videos in a couple of weeks to come.

Wojcicki, spoke on Tuesday evening at a panel at the South by Southwest Interactive festival in Austin, and showed examples of information cues for videos about the moon landing and chemtrails. According to the CEO, “When there are videos that are focused around something that’s a conspiracy — and we’re using a list of well-known internet conspiracies from Wikipedia — then we will show a companion unit of information from Wikipedia showing that here is information about the event.”

According to the reports reaching us from our sources, the move will be coming in the next year in which YouTube has been crucified for hosting extreme content and driving a lot of attention to it through algorithmic recommendations which according to critics are designed to push viewers to extremes.

The information cues demonstrated by Wojcicki appeared directly below the video as a short block of text, and a link to Wikipedia in the case where one might want to get more information. Wikipedia which happens to be a crowdsourced encyclopedia written by volunteers is an unreliable source of information. However, it provides in general, an empirical approach to understanding conspiracies than the more sensationalist videos that appear on YouTube.

The number of conspiracies that were on YouTube’s initial list were not specified, however, it suggested that they would expand with time. Wojcicki remarked, “What I like about this unit is that it’s actually pretty extensible.” She also stated that the company may disclose alternate sources of information under controversial elements in the future.

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