YouTube’s website now supports vertical videos absent black bars

According to the reports that have gotten to us from our sources, YouTube will now be displaying vertical videos on desktop in a way that they will not be having black bars on the sides. On Friday two weeks ago, the online video streaming service released an update to its desktop player that has the ability to adjust the aspect ratio of a particular video automatically in order that it may suit the screen size of any particular computer. This feature may be new on desktop, but it had already made its way to mobile phones on both Android and iOS and in their case the black bars are removed and replaced with white spaces or if it is possible, the video is somewhat expanded.

Vertical videos with a standard aspect ratio of 16:9 and older vertical videos having 4:3 aspect ratio will all be affected by this new feature. This new update according to our sources makes the support of YouTube for other aspect ratios other than 16:9 more welcoming and more aligned with platforms that are rivals of the online streaming service where shooting on mobile phones doesn’t come with black bars.

It was on Friday (two weeks ago) that YouTube first made the announcement of this update via user forums and according to the report we got from our sources, the response that this new update got from its users is actually bracing. A few days later, we started getting reports that users began to complain that the update made videos even smaller than they actually were and parts of the video were cut off or the quality of the video was lowered to some point. A particular user noted that her video was wider than 640 x 480 but it was somehow forced into a 640 x 480 screen by cutting the video off and lowering its quality: “Some YouTube videos just don’t look good when the screen is big. Either give us a way to opt out of this, or fix it.”

As of now, we are waiting on Google for some response as regards if the feature will get another update that will fix these problems and we are yet to get any replies.

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