YouTube affirms that it intends to make Originals free

The Chief Business Officer of YouTube, Robert Kyncl has confirmed once again that the streaming service company is making plans to remove its Originals from their paywall so that users will not have to make any payments to access them and also they will then get to support ads.

It was during the YouTube annual Brandcast event that Robert Kyncl made this statement. Also at the event, the video streaming service revealed its plans for people who post ads (this event also featured a lot of exciting displays by musicians and YouTube stars). YouTube has been making announcements that it was planning to venture into providing a model that supports ads for its Originals. Our sources reported that at the Brandcast event, Robert Kyncl said all original programming will from that period support ads.

Although the Chief Business Officer didn’t say much regarding the window for ads but, it appears as though YouTube will not totally walk out of payment for subscriptions for now. Be that as it may, all the Originals will come to be free eventually. This means that videos like “Cobra Kai” which is a sequel of Karate Kid (seasons one) will be available precisely from the 29th of August to the 11th of September after which season two will be available.

While Kyncl was making the announcements, he said, “While every other media company is racing to put their content behind the paywall, we’re headed in the opposite direction by making our original content available for free”.

Robert Kyncl also announced that “Cobra Kai” will have its season three (3) released next year and so will the comedy fitness series of Kevin Hart titled “What The Fit”. He also mentioned that YouTube is working on a venture with Justin Bieber however the company will not reveal any further facts concerning that.

Furthermore, the team that is in charge of the YouTube channel that is titled Dude Perfect is conducting a documentary that will go behind-the-scenes of their tour by the summer. There are many other plans that the streaming service intend to undertake although they were not brought up on stage. They include, a documentary on Paris Hilton, expanded Lollapalooza coverage and YouTube’s first interactive special, “A Heist with Markiplier.”

Another YouTube official that spoke during the event apart from Robert Kyncl was the CEO, Susan Wojcicki who clearly stated, “Primetime is now personal, and it’s happening on our cellphones. Every one of us has a new primetime.”

She also stated that she was addressing the issue of hate speech and misinformation on the network. She added that tons of bad videos are removed every quarter of the year although she admitted saying, “I recognize that there is still work to be done, but we are committed to getting this right”.

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