YouTube live streaming gets easier from computers and phones

The new Live streaming feature of YouTube for Chrome browsers is currently available for users to tryout. Users are allowed to easily set up a live stream from their computer without any additional equipment, and the tool is scheduled to roll out to other browsers “soon”. According to YouTube, it will also let users stream directly from the camera app on select devices from Asus, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and more in the months to come.

In order to use the new live streaming feature, head to the YouTube Live dashboard or click on the camera icon in the top header of the site and select “go live”. Before you can use live streaming though, YouTube will need to verify your identity with a phone number and make sure you’re in “good standing”. YouTube has stated that it may need about 24 hours for a user to get access to live streaming, however, if an individual has been verified, that person can then go live instantly.

It is noteworthy to add that YouTube has live streaming capabilities including through its iOS and Android apps, but the announcement of today makes the whole process a lot easier and without the need for an encoder. The novel feature means more people can easily stream and become content creators.

Of course, the expectation of live videos calls into question the quality of all this new content. The platform has suffered through recent scandals including Logan Paul’s video which showed a suicide victim and inappropriate children’s videos. It is for this reason that creators will use the new live feature, and if it makes the video platform more defenceless against inappropriate controversial content, especially when those videos are playing live and unedited.

YouTube states that creators who have been running some tests on the new tool have been using them primarily for beauty tutorials, product reviews, and personal updates for their followers. One can only hope that live videos on the platform will at least remain benign.


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