You May No Longer Be Able To Know If The iPhone You Bought Was Stolen

Apple consumers confounded as activation lock from suddenly goes missing. With this activation lock, consumers are able to purchase used devices and prevent stolen ones using the serial number or IMEI of IOS devices.

This was first reported by Mac Rumors. In order to access the activation lock authentication step, you would have to visit This link would have given you a step for one person-to-person Iphone and Ipad sales, instead an Apple 404 “Not Found” page would be seen.

Immediately after it was released on IOS 7, resellers experienced issues due to the activation lock system.It is now a regular routine for companies dealing on IOS devices either for trade or donations to request the activation lock to disable the devices from its current users. This will result in difficulty in verifying the ownership of an Iphone which is to be purchased on Ebay for that very attractive price as whether it was stolen or not.

No public hearing from Apple as to why the tool was removed, but request has been sent to Apple to ascertain the cause.

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