World’s First Flying Taxi Drone Unveiled

The world got more spoonfuls of wonders when at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, the world’s first flying drone taxi has been unveiled.

World's first flying taxi drone

World’s first flying taxi drone

The EHang vehicle is kept in air making use of eight propellers having the capacity to travel independently which means the passenger can simply climb in and enjoy their relaxation.

On-board systems prevent the occurrence of collision with with other aircraft and buildings; with an emergency system also in place to allow it to briefly hover in one spot mid-air in the event of an emergency on the ground.

EHang began in 2014 and then went on to raise around $50m (£34m) in venture funding so far.

Executives announced to attendees at the CES trade fair the new prospect of becoming the future personal transport.

EHang executives also included the information that the drone has the capacity to be fully charged in two hours.

After the duty of entering the destination, the passenger will have not have any other thing to contribute to the operation of the drone.

According to the company, this will introduce more safety to the the machine by eliminating “the most dangerous part of standard modes of transportation, human error”.

Well on more practical note, it may take some years before the drone might be able to get functional practically – and only if it gets the approval of air safety authorities.

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