Will You Make More Money Online By Building Multiple Blogs?

Are you planning to set up a blog to make money online? If you do, are you having a view of building multiple blogs so that you can be successful? And is it really appropriate you build multiple blogs in order to make more money online?


These are questions most people planning to set up a blog frequently ask. Today, I will try as much as possible to give answers to these. Considering the fact that blogging is generally fun and it involves a range of aspect that needs constant work. There is nothing bad in creating two or more blogs at the start of your online business. If blogging is done in a correct way, it can give room for financial freedom. But you must have a plan and be ready to set your goals. Creating multiple blog has some advantages. The advantages are:

More money can be made from multiple blogs
Each blog receive backlinks from each other
Multiple blogs means more blogging experience

The above advantages of managing multiple blogs can be achieved, but from my experiment, I found out that most bloggers that manages multiple blog fail in the long process. This simply means that managing multiple blogs does not always mean more money. Do you prefer to have a blog which earns $50-$100 daily that to have a multiple blog that earns $5 daily? Or do you want to make $50-$100 daily from all your blogs? These are questions you need to think upon if you’re planning to create multiple blogs. Today, I will try and examine three factors that will determine whether you can manage multiple blogs at a time. The three factors are: Time to Devout, Niche/Market to Focus and Money.

Time to Devout:-

In blogging, time is an important factor. A blogger that wish to feed his/her blog readers informative and quality posts on regular basis must be able to devout some amount of time. A blogger that wishes to be successful must have enough time for researching, addressing blog comments, posting quality contents, make good design for blog and many more. Planning to build multiple blog is not a child play since you need enough time to succeed.

Niche/Market to Focus:-

Since the motive of setting a blog is to offer information, knowledge and sometimes free services. If you fail to serve your blog readers with what they search for, you’re likely to fail on your blogging journey.
Creating multiple blog simply means that you will be focusing on diverse niches and this set up needs more experience from your side. Though some people are smarter and wiser in doing various things, so building and managing multiple blogs on different niches can be a simple task for them. On the other hand, if you are a newbie, starting a multiple blog in different niches can scare you because of your lack of experience.


Money is a great determinant of success. Your blogging experience can be an easy task if you have enough money to take care of the expenditures you’re going to incur in it. Managing multiple blog cannot be a tedious task if you are ready to spend money because you can go online to freelancing sites and hire someone to design, set up and write post on your blogs. Niche and time won’t be a problem if you have money to spend.

If you are spending money to grow and improve your multiple blogs, you will realize that you’ve actually spend more money that what you actually earn. Since the main motive for building your blog is to earn money incurring less investment such as hosting and domain name fee. Employing or hiring someone is an investment which could be too much compared to what you earn.


My advice to bloggers especially starters is to take blogging slowly but surely. Try to build a blog that focus on a niche you can write about and have passion for, post new and quality articles on it as much as possible. With these, you will learn so many things online like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Traffic Generation, Blog Monetization, Keyword Research and other blog improvement strategies.

After you must have mastered so many things, you can now expand and extend your blog one by one. An experienced blogger have a higher rate of success in managing multiple blogs than a newbie that start multiple blogs from inception.

Finally, always have it in mind that the most important factor to become successful as a blogger is to be passionate, devoted and love blogging. Also try all your best to maintain your blogging requirements whether in marketing or content aspect.

Note: Jack of Trades, master of none as the saying goes. It is better to blog on niches you are good at, instead of building multiple blogs and end up a failure.

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