5 Reasons Why You Should Buy The iPhone 6S

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Think Twice About Buying The iPhone 6S.


The debate is really brimming as to whether the Apple AAPL +0.00%’s new smartphone is really that innovative, is it really worth all that money and attention it is receiving from the general public? The list of the innovative characteristics and glittering things about the new smartphone is really commendable though. Despite this, it is quite clear that Apple hasn’t really made a thorough breakthrough and the lips of the world is not yet parted in wonder with unprecedented technology in the iPhone 6S. Yet there are two things we shouldn’t forget. The first one is the S range which is majorly the marginal update prior to the next iPhone reinvention. Secondly, is the move by Apple to bring in new features, which really separates it from the rest. The working perfection between hardware and software is something very distinct, this typifies the unique excellence of Apple; a sound explanation for its popularity in the tech community. Having said this, is it a nice idea to get the new Apple’s smartphone as your next phone? Now let us go through this together.

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3D Touch.

The major reason why Apple would be shocked should you decline to buy this new smartphone iPhone 6S is the 3D touch. The 3D touch is an unravelling user delicacy as to how you enjoy your smartphone. When you use the taptic engine, the iPhone 6S’s display can determine how hard you press down on it. When you press deeper on apps, an option menu will pop up or shortcuts are provided. Two examples as presented by Apple were viewing a ‘Live Photo’ and snapping a quick selfie through a deep press. An area this is sure to revitalize is gaming. In few words, gaming is sure to enjoy a better taste with these additional controls. Though you could playfully see a resemblance between 3D Touch and Android’s long-press, yet the 3D touch is winner here. One big reason why giving the trophy to Apple wouldn’t even seem enough is that a deep press is forced based and at once it is registered, on the other end, a long press is time based. Now game developers have an extra button to work with, in this gaming world, this is as important as the rosary is to the Pope. I am even quite anxious how game developers are going to apply their creativity to this new feature.


Camera h ave always said that Apple is not among the warriors in the spec battle raging between other Android manufacturers. This is what you see particularly in the camera module of this new device. While a lot of 2015 Android handsets are digging out the aperture combats, the iPhone 6S is yet married to an f/2.2 lens. However, it would be wrong to underestimate this Apple’s new snapper as according to FORBES’ Paul Monckton in his explanation: “The new sensor chip, does more than simply add more pixels. By positioning red, green and blue filters closer to the top of the pixels than in previous designs, Apple claims to be able to deliver more accurate colour. Furthermore, “deep trench isolation” technology has been used to ensure that light captured by one pixel doesn’t interfere with the ones around it. This results in less imaging noise, which is the main bugbear of low-light imaging. “However, far from being a new technique, deep trench isolation is the key technology behind Samsung’s home-grown ISOCELL imaging sensors, as found in some versions of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 5 handsets.” The new camera module is a good demonstration of an Apple tilt in its approach to photography. The last three iPhones retained the 8MP sensor, with gradual improvising in quality. The iPhone 6S, this time around introduces a big leap in pixels to 12MP, this says of the fact that the iPhone can now shoot in 4K. In another regard, fresh camera features will be debuted in the 6S. Take for instance, ‘Live Photos’ records a few seconds of video proceeding to the picture; this tells you basically that you could get an animated image which begins to play when you press down on the unprecedented 3D Touch display. Just as many are quick to notice, HTC HTCCY +%, Nokia and even BlackbBerry have all presented related technology in the years past.


If you put the new A9 processor into comparison, you will see that it is 70% faster as well as the graphic performance according to apple! increasing by 90% too. The Review Machine will tell us better more accurately about the performance suggested , but then a demo of the soon to come ‘3 Blades’ which is however graphically demanding was really impressive.

There are concerns as to how impressively the battery will cope with the games that really exploit the advanced graphical performance of the device. Apple has cut down on the size of the battery from 1810mAh to 1715mAh in the iPhone 6.

In an sense, the better performance of the chipset would offset the reduced size, yet the iPhone 6 has come under questioning about its durability on a single charge. There is thus a possibility that there will be a likely argument to come when the iPhone 6S is consequently put on sale.


Apple’s ‘Hey Siri’ feature is now working without the need for the device to be connected to a power source. Hey Siri, in effect, gives you the capacity to with pace articulate your commands to your iPhone using voice control. An example of this is when you reading your messages (text) out aloud.

On a basic note, questions concerning privacy have popped up over time as whether your iPhone will be all ears awaiting your next command. Apple in a confirmation to Techcrunch has revealed that the feature will only come into activation once the command as well as your distinct voice tone is recognized. As such there is no remaining thing to be captured prior to you saying ‘Hey Siri’.

iOS 9 will also bring into the scene a collection of innovative self assistant-connected functionality, which includes a developed Siri, better maps, improved AN- Spotlight and Proactive assistant.


Stronger casing over time has quickly established itself as a regular feature of a new smartphone launch. Since manufacturers had experienced the series of poor press’s Apple suffered from inadvertently flexible iPhone, it is thus not strange to add here how solidly built this new device is.

Apple has a taken head-on approach to this concern, a 7000 series aluminum casing which now throughly covers the iPhone 6S is a strong enough statement of intent on Apple’s part. It could be said to be among the toughest aluminum alloys available, same used in the Apple Watch. I could with a level of confidence say that persons who gained popularity by crumpling the iPhone’m sure bend-testers (yes, that’s now a thing), who shot to fame off the back of crumpling the Samsung Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6, will meet a sure harder test as regards the toughness of the new alloy. Till then let us believe what Apple is saying.


There is big reason to be harbor worries over the Apple slimming down in the iPhone 6S. The iPhone 6’s durability really impressed in meeting expectations and it could thus be assumed that the iPhone 6s would be no big deviation from this. There is yet difficulty in believing that the efficiency savings as to the new processor would measure up to a reasonably improved battery life, taking particular note of the fact that Apple didn’t really dwell on the lasting power in the occasion of its launch.

However, there remains bigger doubts that need to be confirmed. The 16GB model of the new iPhone in particular. The smaller memory option has been a major concern over the past years, the reason being that the OS updates are large. This has changed now, Apple now promises less storage-demanding updates. However, when you bring the 4K video into the scene, the argument takes a different turn. If you have strong intents on videography, you will have to endure the rigor of freeing up space every now and then on your device. There is nothing much to enjoy in this.

Staying faithful to with the camera theme: there is also the absence of optical stabilization on the iPhone 6S. In addition to this, should you decide on filming a nice quality video, you can avoid it. We have been through the experience of poor 4K recording in the absence of OIS on the HTC One M9, and it is reasonable to hope that that the iPhone 6S doesn’t follow similar tracks. We can hurriedly conclude before putting through the Review Machine.

Sticking with the camera theme: there’s also no optical image stabilization on the iPhone 6S , although there is on the iPhone 6S Plus. Again, if you want to film good quality video this is essential. We’ve seen how bad 4K recording can look without OIS on the HTC One M9, and I hope the iPhone 6S doesn’t suffer a similar fate. But I won’t know more until I put it through The Review Machine.


There is little doubt as to the impressive features to be enthusiastic about the iPhone 6, a lot coming on the software aspect. On the hardware side, 3D Touch is certain to take the front pages as well as its gaming prospects, but the sturdy development here is the camera. In the future, this will be one standing feature of the iPhone 6S.  

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