How to Know Who Recently Unfriended you on Facebook

Facebook does not provide users with the option to see who un-friend them from their friend’s list and those that refuses to confirm them as friend. But interestingly, there is a script that can alert you when friends unfriend you, when someone you’re friends with deactivates their profile and those that rejects you as a friend.


This script is known as Unfriend Finder and it works on all major browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer.

Steps to Know Who Un-Friend you on Facebook

Unfriend Finder adds new functionalities to your Facebook account. The new functionalities are: those who unfriended you, pending friend request sent and many other features that Facebook intend to hide from you officially.

The installation process of this script depends on the type of browser you are using. If you’re using Firefox, you will have to install Greasemonkey before installing the Unfriend Finder script, for Chrome users, there is an extension you have to install on it. You can visit the help section for specific instructions for your browser.

After successful installation, you will see a new menu on the upper right side of your Facebook window next to the home button called “Unfriend

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