WhatsApp soon to be blessed with Siri support

From what we are seeing ,there is not much doubt that soon we will be able to enjoy Siri on WhatsApp. This means we will be able to enjoy the services of Siri as to reading and sending WhatsApp messages even up to making WhatsApp calls on iOS devices. This development is gotten from a leak – which unveils an explanation text given to users when prompted to give WhatsApp access to Siri.

WhatsApp soon to be blessed with Siri support

Siri is Apple’s famous voice-controlled digital assistant. So far so good, Siri has recorded a juicy bout of improvement of late. This remarkable digital assistant can well fill in all kinds of tasks from making phone calls, to sending and reading messages.

Yet there was the sad restriction of its services as they were exclusively available to only a handful number of third party apps of which WhatsApp wasn’t included , that stands to change now. This change is most likely to come after the release of the iOS 10. The iOS 10 has the refreshing promise of integrating virtual assistant with third-party apps.

Though for now, we have not received any official confirmation from WhatsApp getting Siri support. But this doesn’t in any way annul the validity of the report.

You will remember that since WhatsApp acquisition by Facebook, WhatsApp has made notable development, ranging from end to end encryption the most recent voicemail feature, and of course we stand to see much more from WhatsApp in the shortest time!

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