Introducing The New Tweaks To The Playlist User Interface of Google Play Music On The Web

In a strategic move to realise a balance between consistency with the mobile apps as well as aiding desktop users with the most improved experience possible, Google rolled in a number of tweaks to Play Music’s playlist interface. In this new mode, we will no longer be having playlists on the top level of the left-side hamburger menu. This is more in resemblance with the phone and tablet user interface—web users now have the functionality of using a shortcut to reach a just added sliding menu from the right.

Of late, playlists were kind of congested in the main hamburger menu appearing on the left side. Though we will not say this was really very inconvenient, but the situation where you are making switches between mobile interfaces and the web interfaces, it can be difficult that nothing differs save the options of playlists in that menu.

In this picture below, you could see the old menu on the left and then appearing on the right is the new version of the menu,

No doubt it is not that busy in the absence the playlists, but then that can’t be said to be the major driving force.

However to enhance easy accessibility to the playlists, we now have a shortcut button on the top right. This pulls out a sliding menu from the right side. On the left is the button is the one on the left, below:

From there, you should be quite acquainted with the new sliding menu,

In the case where you are more suited to the old setup, you could take quite some time before really catching it. For users who are more on mobile even users just coming on board, guess they are going to see this as more intuitive.

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